Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness System

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  • Safe: The Secure Fit Dog Harness fits anatomically correct to avoid injury from the harness itself.
  • Comfortable
  • Secure
  • In the event of an accident, or even quick braking or turning, Secure Fit protects your dog - and your family
  • Designed by veterinarians
  • Dog can sit, stand, or lay down - all while safely secured, no more wandering
  • Harness doubles as a safe and comfortable walking harness
  • Recommended & used by the Oregon Humane Society
  • Can be customized to fit perfectly

Be Bop USA Secure Fit Safety Car Harness system differs from other brands
The patented safety strap keeps the Secure Fit safety harness fitting properly, so it doesn't twist or shift, avoiding tracheal fractures like other harness systems can cause.

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Secure, Comfortable, Safe:
Your dog will be able to safely sit, stand and lie down with the Secure Fit Car Safety dog  Harness System©. Each harness is customized for the particular size of the dog to ensure safety. Put the Secure Fit Car Dog Harness© on your dog, then attach a leash and walk your best friend to the car. Once the Safety Strap is attached properly to the back, middle seat, (never in the front seat if your car has airbags) have your dog get into the car and with a quick snap of a double secure, brass safety scissor snap, your dog will be safe and so will the rest of the family. The Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness System© will keep your dog from wandering around the car. He will not be able to disturb the driver or other passengers. In case of quick braking or turning your dog will not be thrown into the dashboard, windshield or into the side car windows. When you are ready to unload your dog, attach a leash to the “d” rings of the Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness ©, unsnap the safety scissor snap of the safety strap and you’re on your way.

Anatomically Correct
Secure Fit Safety Dog Harness was designed and approved by 8 veterinarians and orthopedic surgeons to assure proper design for comfort as well as safety in case of impact. The harness fits on the breast bone of the dog. With the harness fitting low in the front, it limits damage and injury to the trachea (windpipe). Because of the design of the Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness, there is no chance of plastic buckles to break. The harness is secured with metal hardware for security, comfort and safety. Proper fit is essential.

Quick & Easy to use
Fitting, adjusting and using the Secure Fit Car Safety Dog Harness System©

1. Unsnap harness, have your dog lift front legs in, and snap at the withers (over the shoulders). It’s important that the harness fits snug, but not tight, around the girth of your dog.
2. The front of the harness should come across(vertically) your dog’s shoulders, and fit snug but not tight.

Secure Fit Car Safety Strap System© (Safety strap included with harness)

Safety Strap Vehicle Adjustment: (All cars made after 2000 have Child Seat Anchors on the back “dash” of the car. All SUV’s and most trucks have floor anchors to attach the safety strap. If you are not sure if this will work for you car, please email me, call or put in the comments section of your order what type of car/truck you have.)

We can customize the safety strap to fit your auto. The standard size is 40-50″ long. If your measurements are different than this, please let us know when you order. Measure from the seat belt connection at the seat, to the anchor you want to attach the safety strap to.

1. Attach looped strap to the seatbelt in the middle of the backseat.
2. Pull the other end of the strap to the back (top area), locate the child safety seat anchor* and attach with scissor snap.
3. Adjust the strap to be snug against the seatback
4. Attach short leash on safety strap to the “D” Rings on the Secure Fit Dog Harness.

*If attaching to a vehicle without child safety seat anchor, the safety strap will wrap around the seat and attach to the “D” ring on the loop of the safety strap.

This attachment shows the Safety Strap attached to the Child Safety Seat Anchor on the back of the seat.

This picture shows the Safety Strap connected to the floor of an SUV to the Child Safety Seat

. This picture shows the Safety Strap being wrapped around the seat of a car that does not have Child Safety Seat Anchors. In the picture below it shows the front side of the Safety Strap . Note how the strap slides through the seat to the back and is connected to itself with the safety scissor snap and D-Ring

Secure Fit Safety Harness Set

Secure Fit Safety Harness

Secure Fit Safety Harness Set

Proper Fit:

To measure your dog for a proper fit, use a soft measuring tape or piece of string and wrap around the dog’s girth, just behind the front legs. If using a piece of string, wrap around the dog’s girth (ribcage) then lay the string on a tape measure or yard stick to figure the measurement size for your dog.

X small 10″-14″
Small 14″-24″
Medium 21″-32″
Large 30″44″

Is your dog safe while traveling? Is he in a crate? In the front seat? On your lap? Please consider the following stories. Could this be you?
“My friend & I were traveling in a van when it skid out of control on ice and rolled over. Our Ibizan hounds were frantic and scared. Although not injured badly, they ran into the near by woods and could not be located. It took 8 days of searching to find them. They were scared, malnourished and traumatized. Immediately afterwards, we purchased the Secure Fit Safety Harness System for our beloved pets to keep them safe and secure.”

”I had just bought a new car and was going for a ride with my best friend Cocoa. I always let her ride in my lap because being a Pomeranian she was too small to see out the window. As I was slowing down for a red light, the driver behind rear ended me, causing the air bag in my car to deploy from my steering wheel. I didn’t get hurt, but my dog had crush injuries from the impact of the air bag. I never imagined this sort of thing could happen. I tell everyone I meet to use the Secure Fit Safety Harness System to avoid the trauma I’ve endured.”

“My 2 dogs always wear their Secure Fit Safety Harnesses. As a Veterinarian Technician I see dog injuries from car accidents frequently. I have peace of mind in knowing that I am doing all I can to protect the dogs I love.”
“As a veterinarian, I recently saw a dog with trauma injuries sustained from a car accident. Many owners think their dog is safe in a plastic crate because they are restrained. The impact of the dog inside the crate was so great as to shatter the crate, throwing the dog around the car like a ping pong ball. The owner also sustained injuries from the shattered crate pieces exploding inside her car. Sadly, the dog could not be saved. Please let others know this could happen to them.”
If you have stories you would like to share please forward them us at

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