Front Lead Harness

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3/4" Front Lead Harness
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Color Options
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• Safe and Humane
• Dogs Can Not Pull or Choke
• Easy to Use
• Effective & Long Lasting Learning Experience
• Recommended and used at the Oregon Humane Society, Trainers and Deborah Woods (Author and Journalist)

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The Front Lead Harness© can help reduce some behavioral problems, such as “dragging” their person by pulling on their collar or other harness. It is also an excellent alternative for those dogs that will not tolerate a head halter. A dog that pulls with a collar is at high risk to injuries such as tracheal irritation and injury. The Front Lead Harness© by Be Bop USA will not choke your dog, nor will it allow your dog to pull. It aids in jumping and lunging problems associated with improper behavior and habits. The Front Lead Harness© also makes for more effective training when teaching a dog to sit, stay, down and come. The dog learns to trust and look forward to spending time with their best friend, because training has become a wonderful bonding time. Before you know it you and your dog will look forward to long relaxing walks in the park.

The Front Lead Harness© by Be Bop USA is made of high quality nylon webbing with all the seams sewn on the outside of the harness to provide comfort and non abrasive friction against a dog’s skin. The contoured side release snaps and nickel plated welded “squares” are for safety, ease of use and comfort. The soft nylon webbing provides guidance by applying gentle pressure behind the front legs to better communicate with the dog. All stress points have double reinforcements.
Proper Fit

SAVE $ on exchanges! Don’t guess size. Use a soft measuring tape to determine the snug measurement around the chest behind the front legs. Or use a piece of string or ribbon and a ruler to determine the length. Then lay the string on a measuring tape or yard stick to determine the length.
Go around the girth of the dog (ribcage) just behind the elbows. This will give you the proper size for your dog. Remember, if your dog needs a size in between or has a narrow chest, just give us a holler! We’ll be happy to make a Front Lead to fit just right for your dog.

XS 9-16″ girth Toy/Petite breeds

SM 16-21″ girth Terriers, Poodle

Med 20-31″ girth Cocker, Border Collie

Large 28-37″ girth Labs, Shepherds

XLg 34-46″ girth Giant Breeds

measure front lead harness
Proper Fit
The Front Lead Harness© should fit snugly around the ribcage, but not tight. To put the harness on your dog, simply open the side release buckle and lay the Front Lead Harness over dog’s back with the “D” ring at his chest and “snap” the buckle under his ribcage. Adjust the girth strap to fit slightly snug using the top and bottom adjustments to be sure the front straps lie across the chest of your dog, below the trachea (soft part of their neck), but not so low as to impede the movement of the front legs. (See picture above) Next adjust the front straps so they are snug against the dog’s chest, but not tight. With a proper fit, the Front Lead Harness© will provide a method of training and walking a dog without the risk of injury to the throat (trachea) and chest area of the dog. Snap a leash to the “D” Ring between the front chest straps and your dog is ready for a fun and proper walk in the park!

The Front Lead Harness© is designed with the same concept that is used with horses in applying gentle pressure to areas of a dog that communicate more effectively. When riding a horse, a rider gently applies leg pressure to the side of a horse to communicate the rider wants the horse to turn away from the pressure. This same concept is now available for dogs with the Front Lead Harness© by Be Bop USA. By attaching the leash to the front “D” ring you apply gentle pressure to the area behind the elbow of your dog. Your dog now has no choice but to move in the direction you are guiding him. Let the dog take one or two steps in front then tell him, say your dog’s name, “heel” or “come here”. Always use the same phrase that works for you and your dog. Being consistent is key to achieving the behavior of walking next to you, not pulling you. Always praise generously! This is important for your dog to know that going for a walk is a fun time with you. If your dog tends to jump up, be ready and anticipate his jump, then use a slight jerk on the leash downward and give the command “(dogs name)OFF!” By saying your dog’s name before each command they understand you are talking to them, and they should pay attention to what you are about to ask. Using the same word each time you give a command is also very important for dog to learn the desired behavior quickly and consistently. If you have a dog that loves to run off and play with the squirrels, cats, other dogs, etc…. Be ready for his bolt, gently give a quick tug on the leash, your dog will immediately turn and face you (because of the pressure behind his elbow) and look at you like, “What just happened???” Be ready for your next step of abundant praise, treats, or a favorite toy. Your dog will learn that going for a walk is all about you and him! Not the other distractions. Consistency, praise and fun is what will make your training sessions effective and rewarding. Please contact us if you need further instruction or have questions.
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